Discover BSM Retail Accounting Services In NJ

Retailers today have enough to worry about; increasing sales, keeping up with competition avoid margin shrink, that they should not have to worry about their daily, monthly or annual accounting.

Retail is becoming more and more competitive as large box stores add to their inventories making for one-stop shopping, and smaller niche locations attract other customers making it very important that retailers can focus on their day to day store operations and leave accounting and finances to experts.

Retailers must monitor and measure everything related to their performance so they can achieve growth on their topline and protect their margins.

BSM works with retail clients to help develop a better understanding of how their business operates so we can provide you the best possible financial data and information. With years of experience in providing professional accounting services for retailers, we have a range of different retail clients from specialty retailers to multinational.

As well as having exceptional tax knowledge, BSM provides help in areas that are critical to the success of retail clients including maintaining and maximizing cash, obtaining financing, keep risks at a minimum across the organization, and bringing together growth plans with daily business strategies.

When it comes to tax, much is at stake. Because of that, we examine all the important areas related to tax that could help maintain your tax burden at a minimum.

We carry out continuous research and analysis of different opportunities that could maximum tax credits at both the federal and state level.

Compensation strategies are important therefore BSM handles wages, distributions, or a combination of both.

Custom Accounting and Tax Services for Retail Businesses

Cost capitalization issues arise often and our knowledge of how to handle them will leave the retailer at ease and give them one less worry. We also works with the owners and or company executives to integrate personal tax issues. We remain on top of the many emerging trends and frequent changes, revisions, and extensions in the tax code to make sure your tax liability is minimized. BSM’s tax department can help solve legal issues that impact the business and its owners.

Cost-effective and efficient audits, compilations, reviews and preparation of financial statements are provided by BSM, and we deliver all the valuable information related to the company’s financial position, its performance and any changes in its financial position from one reporting period to another.

Included in the retail accounting service is management assertion testing, internal controls design and review, reviews and audits for employee benefit and pension plans, customizable assurance services, and complete due diligence on all acquisitions or divestitures. We offer solutions to enhance profit such as profitability analysis that includes evaluation of the company footprint, supply chains, inventory, labor and business processes.

Financial projections and forecasts are made, while technology risk assessments are carried out.

Systems are put into place for fraud prevention and data analytics, equity compensation, VC funding as well as management and financial package implementation. BSM has specialized industry knowledge for retailers, and provides financial analysis along with business insights that are proven to optimize retailers’ profitability and help achieve a sustainable operation.

Our many clients consider BSM to be a best-value firm since we provide the ideal combination of service, price and expertise.