Get Sound Advice From Accountant Experienced In Business Formation In The State Of New Jersey

Are you planning to own a business?
Starting up your own business can be fun and anticipatory, but what matters most is after the fun have fade way then you are faced with either a successful or failed business. It is up to you to make sure the business is successful. You need to have strategic plans incorded to make your dream or goal of owning a successful business actualize. A successful business is determined by how you go about it. We will help you avoid deadly mistakes that many new small business owners then to fall victim of.

Save Time & Money, Let BSM Handle Your Business Formation

We will help you…
Prepare a pre-startup business plan to solve marketing, management and financial issues.

  1. Estimate your start up capital needs and help identify means of start-up capital and alternate sources if needed.
  2. Do an analysis on your borrowing ability so you will know the amount of money that would be accessible to you.
  3. Map out business structures that best suits your need by doing an evaluation of tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and mobility to make relocation easier
  4. Choose the accounting software that suits your needs and hardware based on your budget capacity.
  5. Design Cash Flow Budget this will help you know the estimated fund needed to keep your business alive monthly, for the first few years. Unexpected expenses can be very frustrating.
  6. Create a billing and collection procedure to help improve your cash flow.
  7. Design a structure that will help monitor and control costs.
  8. Help you maximize your tax deduction by setting up a home office.
  9. Be in charge of filling all state and local licenses and permit requirements
  10. Help you prepare and file an application for your Federal Identification Number.
  11. Help with payroll and payroll tax starting from your first employee.
  12. Ensure you follow employment laws so you will not default, get fined and leave your employees unhappy
  13. Identify insurance needs that best suits your business
  14. Develop a solid Partnership Agreement. This is one of the most essential documents needed by all new partnerships and will help you avoid both financial and emotional problems.

Let BSM Accounting Service help your setup succeed by helping it start well.