BSM Accounting Services, Helping Businesses With IRS & State Problems In Northern NJ

At BSM Accounting Services we believe that business owner shouldn’t have to go through the technicalities and complexities, involved in taxation or end up being subject to penalties and interest by any taxing authority.

If your business has issues with the IRS, it’s important you contact us as soon as possible so we can work toward resolving the matter. We will further work towards protecting you and your business to make sure you aren’t taken advantage of by any agency.

Helping Taxpayers And Business Owners Manage Debt And Penalties

If you are facing a penalties and interest from the IRS  we can assist in managing that debt and exploring any possible option of lowering or eliminating that debt. With that in mind, being advised accordingly and represented properly before the IRS will save you time, money and much agony.

Such option include the following:

Installment Agreements:

We set up an installment agreements with the IRS if necessary to make it easier to pay the full amount owed. Debts are repayable over time but many business owners and taxpayers are ignorant about the fact that they don’t always have to pay the IRS their debt all at once. This is not always the case! Our tax problem resolution service will help ensure that your installment agreements are set up within your means to pay your debt.

Offers in Compromise:

In some cases, individuals and businesses have accumulated a large amount of tax debt that for any certain reasons such as deteriorating health, old age, etc can not repaid to the IRS.  In such situations, IRS will be willing to accept payment of a reduced tax bill as an option rather than receiving nothing for incapable taxpayers. This form of compromise should be handled by experienced tax accountants on your behalf, this is exactly what our firm would help you accomplish.

Taking Action on an IRS Audit Notice:

The moment you receive a tax audit letter from IRS, the first thing you should do is to call our office for assistance. Dealing with IRS on your own can complicate and create more tax problems for yourself. Our representatives at BSM Accounting Services will allow a direct communication with the IRS, on your behalf. This will avoid dealing with them on your own. We take the stress involved in a tax audit off your shoulders.

Being Audited? Late Tax Fees? Contact our firm immediately:

The earlier you are able to solve your tax issues, the lesser interest, penalties, fees and other financial setback you or your business will face. For an immediate solution to your tax problems, contact BSM Accounting Service in Northern NJ, today!

IRS Audit Representation

We handle all aspects of the  IRS Audit on our clients behalf. This will save you the stress of taking time off from your busy schedule to handle the bureaucracy and paperwork related to the process.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

If you’ve failed to file a tax return you may end up facing severe penalties for each year non-filed and/or non paid taxes. Why take the risk of losing business and freedom? Get the help you need with your tax returns today?

Back Taxes Owed

You’ll be surprised once you realize how fast tax penalties and interest accumulate. We offer some alternatives that will help you resolve unpaid taxes.

Payroll Tax Problems

IRS considers failing to pay payroll taxes as the highest crime among other tax defections this is because a large portion of the payroll taxes are your employees withholding! Get a consultation today on how to manage your payroll taxes accordingly.

IRS Liens

If liens are filed against you, they will appear on your credit history record which will tarnish your ability to make many financial decisions. You should not ignore the dangers of having the IRS seize your physical assets because they will ultimately pursue your home, cars, boats, jewelry, motorcycles, insurance policies and even retirement funds.