Cash Flow Management

A successful businessman once said “Happiness is a positive cash flow”. This statement is an indisputable fact in the business world when your cash-in exceeds your cash-out, everything would seem perfect.

On the other hand, having a crisis with your cash flow can be emotionally tasking and would inevitably affect your business. This frustrating situations sometimes lead to begging, borrowing and sometimes stealing to cover the payroll

Our cash management service allows you to

  • Predetermine when, where and how you will need cash
  • Determine the best sources for meeting your extra cash needs
  • Be prepared with a solution to those needs when they occur, by having a good relationship with the bank and another credit source

The first step to avoiding cash crisis is by allowing us to design a cash flow projection for you. Our plans can help develop both short-term (weekly, monthly) cash flow projections plan for daily needs and long-term (annual, 3- 5 years), cash flow handled by professionals will help you create a strategy for capital that will help meet your business needs

We also help with historical cash flow statement that will enlighten you about your financial spending history

Creating an excellent cash flow projection is just one of the many management services that we offer. Other services include

  • Help you get good credit source
  • Help hasten cash collection
  • We provide effective collection policies
  • We help provide effective payment policies
  • Finally, we will help you obtain maximum rate and returns on dormant cash