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Do you know that your account sheet is actually a reflection of your business Performance? It is therefore very important to ensure that it is transparent and accurate so that you can be able to make smart decisions that will enable your business to grow. As a reputable company in North NJ, we always pay close attention to details to ensure that our client’s tax preparation is done right. Just the same way you keep your business affairs confidential, we will do the same with your tax and financial records.

Our services include bookkeeping, financial statement, review, audit and compilations, and more. Tax services include IRS representation, payroll services, estate and trust tax preparation, tax planning, tax preparation tax services among any others.

Need IRS Representation In Passaic NJ? The Enrolled Agents at BSM Accounting Services Can Help

No one likes to receive a letter from IRS that says that your business is going to be audited. It is a very stressful procedure that can consume your time and can even affect how you run your business. However, if you have already received a notification for IRS then don’t worry because we are here to help you. When you reach out to us, high qualified and experienced accountants will do everything to ensure that your tax bill is reduced. Using effective planning, preparation and recording all important documents, we will make sure that your business won’t get audit notifications from IRS.

We value our clients trust with their business and we prioritize their satisfaction with our services. We take pride in having a top local financial team and accountants. Our highly committed professionals will work with you closely to know every important aspect of your business operations so that they deliver quality services. As a reputable firm in NJ, we believe in adding value to all our clients businesses. That is why we offer quality, transparent and affordable services. We always strive to cultivate long term relationship with all our clients.

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As your business continues to grow, you will be required to hire more employees. This means that there will be more payroll administration. We can help you implement controls that are necessary to ensure that you have an efficient, reliable and effective payroll system. We can also assist you to create an efficient payroll system as well as prepare all tax returns that are necessary in a timely manner. We can also help you establish new business formation that enable your small business grow.

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