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BSM accounting firm is now offering its valuable services to prestigious clients in Woodland Park, NJ too. We are your one stop shop for all personal & business accounting needs. Let Bassam Mustafa and his experienced associates handle your bookkeeping to avoid any financial mismanagement.

The founder Bassam Mustafa has years of experience managing auditing issues and financial bookkeeping of reputed clients with big-four accounting firms. Under his supervision, BSM accounting firm offers a complete package of Small Business Accounting that include but not limited to the management of business expenses, bookkeeping, payroll system and taxation matters. We guarantee you to provide best Tax Preparation Services in Woodland Park, NJ.

It is critical for any business to calculate its tax obligations properly. Any compliance failure might make your business face severe consequences. Therefore, our team establishes the tax procedures first and then determines the tax obligations. Moreover, a constant reevaluation of our practices is the key to our flawless services.

Facing IRS Audit? Get IRS Representation , From Our IRS Enrolled Agents In Woodland Park

If your business gets selected for an audit, then you might need an experienced representative to appear before IRS. There are two types of representation currently allowed by IRS under revised laws

(1) Limited Representation: In this case, your tax preparer who has signed your returns can appear before IRS to represent your firm (2) Unlimited Representation: In this case, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountant or an Attorney can represent on your behalf, whether or not they were involved in your Tax Preparation.

BSM accounting offers you the services of enrolled agents with years of experience to defend your stance in IRS office. You do the business, while we look after all the regulatory affairs for you in Woodland Park.

Woodland Park Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Business Conslting Services

Setting up a new business is certainly not easier than dodging a bullet. The setup starts by opening a company bank account and goes on to developing a full-fledged bookkeeping system.

This depends on your business model and includes several other factors to consider such as investigation of taxes, modes of payment and establishment of sales tax procedures. Moreover, a Payroll System, calculation of Tax obligation and Gross margins are also painstaking tasks that require expertise and knowledge of bylaws.

Therefore, with BSM accounting services you can easily set up your new business in Woodland Park, NJ without worrying much about the auxiliary accounting needs. You just focus on your idea while our team of experienced accountants will take care of the rest.

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