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There are important areas to take care of as a business owner apart from financial accounting. We provide accounting services that gives you more time to manage your business and generate profits. Our professional accountant will do a monthly coordination of your books, bank account, and balance sheet, develop an income statement for your business, record daily transactions and unlimited consultation for any clarification or questions that may arise.
The above covers the basic groundwork for your company’s accounting structure with possibilities of accessing other services like payroll management, tax preparation services, new business formation and others.

Facing IRS Audit? Get IRS Representation , From Our IRS Enrolled Agents In Millburn

The fear and anxiety caused on sighting an IRS audit letter is enough to put a business in reverse with responding and trying to put books in order taking a lot of time from business and family as you will have to compile and check all records and transactions reported on tax returns. A good IRS representation takes care of the accuracy of your tax returns and if your auditing fails, you’ll be faced with a crazy tax bill as penalty from IRS which if not handled well may crumble the business. Use our qualified auditors for your IRS audits.

Millburn Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Business Consulting Services

Managing and taking your business to the next level of progression and profitability is a thrilling and as well a daunting experience. It’s always good to have a focal business strategy that will guide you in achieving your business objectives and every decision on every aspect has its own impact on the general outlook of the company. Our accounting firm will assist you avoid pitfalls that new business owners face at startup.

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