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It is always advisable to have professionals help out in filling yearly tax returns because of the possibility of your overlooking little deductions which happened during the course of the year. This becomes a big issue if submitted to IRS by you as it will cost more to rectify and resubmit. By using a professional agent, you’re relieved from interpreting yearly changes and laws. Using computerized tax software may be better initially but it cannot give personalized feedback for your tax needs.
It is better to leave business accounting to the professionals as it helps in your audits apart from avoiding unnecessary deductions. We can help you manage everything accounting from payrolls, tax filing to financial reports and make better business decisions and having full control over your financials.

Facing IRS Audit? Get IRS Representation , From Our IRS Enrolled Agents In Jersey City

IRS audits lots of businesses every year. Though it randomly selects 2% for auditing, some businesses may be selected for specific issues. BSM accounting having had experience in these issues over the years can help you in representation to resolve your issues and negotiate with authorities. Our trusted professionals can help deal with the intimidating notices of IRS and help you avoid tax penalties. Part of our job also includes filling forms accurately, getting the needed documents and taking care of everything so you can have peace of mind.

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Starting a new business from scratch has different operational areas that needs to be taken care of apart from the financial process and bookkeeping. At BSM accounting, we handle all aspect of your new business and help with planning, management and marketing. Furthermore, we do strategize tax benefits, payroll management, budgeting and regulating assets & working capital in setting up new business. Permits, paper works, legal agreements, insurance, applying for Federal Employer file number and taken care of all operational aspects are all what we do to grow your business easily and smoothly. By allowing professionals to help with all these will help you to avoid costly mistakes that most new businesses fall into.

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