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At BSM Accounting, we provide a full range of services for small business from online payroll management, bookkeeping software, to remote portal services. We can deliver all accounting services as soon as possible and at affordable rates. We work with best safe practices, technology and IRS compliance.
We can take care of your tax registration, forms filing, yearly returns and IRS deadlines saving you the stress that technical accounting may cause you. Our goal is to keep your business accounting organized and up to date while you focus on the core nature of your business. If any IRS issues comes up, call us and we will handle it with all sense of professionalism.

Facing IRS Audit? Get IRS Representation , From Our IRS Enrolled Agents In Fairfield

Yearly or sudden audits for sure is a worrying process and demands a lot of technical and professional input. When handling yearly returns and bookkeeping, IRS audit may show up any time. Our skilled accountants can guide you through all what is needed to respond to IRS queries and save you time and money.
We are constantly updated on requirements and tax regulations so be rest assured that we will do a good job for you while you direct your time and energy to your business.
Our services are professional and affordable as our team of experts have the needed experience to take care of your business accounting and provide feedback information to clients. We are accredited by the relevant authorities and ready to turn client’s difficult situations around.

Fairfield Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Business Consulting Services

Our online service and staff payroll preparation has been improving over the years allowing clients to get regular updates through our web portal and accounting apps like QuickBooks which does some accounting works for you making it easier to finalize IRS logs and returns on time.
Over the years, we have understood fully the exact services that is required from accounting firms by new and growing businesses and we are certain to provide this services as soon as possible and reliably.
When difficult issues arises, our professional touch will help your business to stay focused and growing, while we deal with IRS in submitting technical returns and documents. You can take advantage of our free consultation now. Contact us and we will be ready to respond to your queries and enquiries.

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